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Welcome to SF Global Sourcing, your premiere partner for international sourcing and manufacturing. We are specialists in China sourcing with a global network that ensures you will attain the best quality at the most competitive price. 





Leverage our expert knowledge of Chinese manufacturing and sourcing.

For companies with durable goods, the lure of manufacturing in China is irresistible owing to two primary reasons: price and quality. However, for those unfamiliar with Chinese manufacturing, it is not as simple as finding a supplier and negotiating a price. Navigating what can sometimes be complicated, choppy waters, teeming with significant nuances, requires kn
owledge, experience and savvy acumen.That is where SF Global Sourcing comes in. We are experts at understanding what it takes to succeed at manufacturing in China, while avoiding many of the pitfalls. Let us do the heavy lifting including:


Understanding Cultural Nuances: The Chinese system of government subsidies and entrepreneurialism fosters a kind of Darwinism, whereby the government sets up businesses and then observes to see which ones thrive and which ones don’t. Consequently, business people in China are wired to say, ‘Yes’ because the livelihood of their near-term economic vitality depends upon it. But beyond that, the Chinese generally love to do business and no foreign market can match the United States for the pure opportunity it represents to them. However, it is vital that you understand what you are asking for, because along with that ‘Yes’ comes qualifiers that must be understood.

Negotiating Price: You can darn near command any price within reason, but the gap between the quality of the end product you desire and what actually gets delivered may leave you wanting. Let SF Global Sourcing help you clearly outline product material and performance specifications to ensure you get the end product you desire.

Understanding Turnaround Times: Adequate time must be factored in to allow for the product development cycle that will likely include multiple sample runs, accompanied by a thorough and unhurried review process, to ensure that the quality you seek is dialed in with precision prior to mass production. At SF Global Sourcing we will be forthright about this process, versus some competitors who will lure you in with promises that prove to be empty.


Finding the Ideal Partner: China is capable of making everything from the highest regarded consumer electronics to plush toys, but you wouldn’t pick a factory that produces iPads to make the cheapest possible MP3 player. Let us help you find the ideal partner to satisfy your particular needs. We regularly incorporate site inspections into our process, to ensure that our customers’ specific needs are being met as represented.

Avoid Counterfeiting: Counterfeiting is a huge problem with China manufacturing. For example, your so-called “trusted partner” may “back door” your product, meaning they are manufacturing extra runs of your actual product, carrying them out the back door of their facility, and then selling them on the gray market – which could vary from a website to eBay, Cragislist, or even a legitimate and unknowing major retailer. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, this is another pitfall of shaving margins too low for the manufacturer – if they can’t make a reasonable profit, in addition to the risk of them producing an inferior product, they may resort to this tactic, justifying that it is the only way they can afford to produce your product! Then there is the outright counterfeiting crisis – where your product is reverse engineered by another facility and dumped on the worldwide market as the bona fide thing. At SF Global Sourcing, we work vigilantly to protect your interests.

By choosing SF Global Sourcing as your Chinese manufacturing and sourcing partner, you’ll enjoy the advantage of being able to draft off of the consolidated dollar volume our relationships represent. We make it our business to stay on top of the best and most practical options for quality and pricing, while ensuring that product specifications and ethical best practices are being adhered to. Depend upon our seasoned expertise to assist with your sourcing in China and leverage the power of “the dragon” so that instead of it being something to be feared, it is an ally working for the joint good of your respective business.



The Most Rigorous Standards Are Our Standard

For SF Global Sourcing has the expertise to help you navigate through the most rigorous manufacturing compliance standards. For example, many children’s products require special testing and approval of everything from construction to dyes. We have first-hand experience meeting the sourcing compliance benchmarks of the most exacting retailers, from home shopping to the leading multinational big box chains.

All of SF Global Sourcing’s worldwide partners are regularly audited to ensure that they adhere to the most stringent industrial ratings. Among others, these include:


Regardless of what your manufacturing requirements are, at SF Global Sourcing we stand ready to help you achieve them. And, once manufactured, we have the experience to help you navigate the often-thorny bureaucracy of international customs.

Counterfeiting is a huge worldwide problem and one reason why we hold our sourcing consultants network to the highest ethical standards and carefully monitor our suppliers for state-of-the-art security to make absolutely certain your interests are protected. Naturally, all of our work is guaranteed against manufacturers’ defects.

Call us for a free, no obligation consultation for our product sourcing and procurement services at 800.545.5865. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free consultation to discuss all of your product sourcing and procurement needs.


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SFGS Story

Setting the Standard for International Sourcing Companies

In 1990, Steven Feinberg formed SF Video out of his father’s garage in Hillsborough, California, specializing in videotape duplication for the burgeoning direct marketing industry. With self-improvement and entertainment products that required mass duplication being among the most successful categories sold via infomercials, SF Video grew rapidly, making the Inc. 500 in 1996. As intellectual property shifted from tapes to optical discs, SF Video made the transition, becoming the foremost provider of CDs and DVDs to the DRTV industry.

However, as DRTV evolved into a universe of multichannel marketers competing with retailers ranging from e-commerce to traditional bricks and mortar retail, SF Video was increasingly called upon to
provide value-added packaging solutions for its customer base. Furthermore, over the course of two decades of global sourcing, the company had developed a network of relationships and manufacturers across every segment of the globe.

A natural extension of the core business became sourcing our satisfied customers’ total offer configuration. Hence, SF Global Sourcing was born. Today, SF Global Sourcing stands ready to provide a total global sourcing solution. Simply put, if it fits in a box, SF Global Sourcing can source it for you, being one of the very few sourcing companies that provides true value-add that will delight your consumer and surpass expectations.


Michael Brandon has been the President and CEO of SF Global Sourcing, LLC and SF Video, Inc. since 2016.


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Fast Facts:

  • Founded in 1990

  • Inc. 500 (1996)

  • Sourced and Manufactured Over 300 Million Products Worldwide

  • Privately Held

San Francisco Office
3450 Sacramento St. #353
San Francisco, CA 94118
T 800.545.5865
T 415.288.9400

Thank you!


Michael Brandon, President

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